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Professional Woodworm removal requires expert help. The team at Rainbow Pest Control provide various methods of Woodworm control and treatment throughout Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire & Cheshire

Woodworm can attack when you least expect it. Although they can be harmless outdoors, they present a massive problem if they enter your property. They will bore and nestle through any wood they can possibly find, from expensive furniture pieces to structural support beams, any infestation should be dealt with as soon as viably possible.

The term Woodworm refers to different species of wood-boring bugs. These insects will lay their larvae within the wood, the larvae will then feed on the wood, in turn weakening any structure, which can potentially lead to structural damage if not treated correctly.

The most common sign of Woodworm is various pinholes that are left in the wood, there may also be signs of wood dust that the larvae leave behind. If you have a substantial woodworm problem, the wood can become weak and even crumble in places.

Signs of Woodworm include; wood pinholes, small dust piles, sawdust areas, weakened or damaged flooring.

These Woodworms need to be eliminated, rather than just controlled, as they will only continue to damage furnishings and wood structures further if left alone.

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