Japanese Knotweed Treatment

Japanese Knotweed treatment & removal services in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire & Cheshire

Japanese Knotweed growing near your property can cause serious damage. You need to call a professional immediately if you suspect it is growing near your property.

Japanese Knotweed grows at an alarming rate and is spreading across the Midlands quickly. It can cause major damage to buildings, walls, patios and tarmac. It can quickly over-run your garden causing irreversible damage. Japanese Knotweed growing near your home can have an negative effect on your property price and many mortgage lenders will not lend money for properties that have Japanese Knotweed present.

Japanese Knotweed can…

  • Damage tarmac and paving
  • Damage building foundations
  • Damage retaining wall structures
  • Reduce property value

Japanese Knotweed needs specialist treatment. If you suspect it is growing close to your property then you need to contact us immediately. Simply enter your details into the form below for a no-obligation quotation or call us now on 07989 855 545

Japanese Knotweed Treatment

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